Coronavirus Cleaning Guidelines

The Austin Cleaning Co.

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The Austin Cleaning Co. has taken necessary steps to become compliant with state and local guidelines to safely clean and disinfect your home and business due to the coronavirus or Covid-19.  The Austin Cleaning Co. is also IJSCA Bloodborne Pathogens certified which is a course designed to train cleaning providers on OSHA's Bloodborne Pathogens standard a federal OSHA regulation (29 CFR 1910.1030) that prescribes safeguards to protect workers against the health hazards from exposure to blood and other potentially infectious materials, and to reduce their risk from this exposure.

Our cleaning techs are trained and certified to follow the guidelines and recommendations as set forth also by the CDC, American Chemistry Council and OSHA before entering a residence or business:


Bloodborne Pathogen training

PPE use

Disinfecting training

Sprayer use

PPE-Personal Protective Equipment

Face Mask

Eye Protection

Disposable Gloves 

Sanitized Equipment 

Disinfecting Methods
Spray and Wipe:

2 Pass system

First pass is Routine cleaning. 
Second pass Disinfecting.

Two Pass System for Routine Cleaning and Disinfecting: Spray and wipe

Step 1. Gather equipment, tools and chemical

Step 2. Review treatment map: Drawing or blueprint of office, floor, or facility. Label cleaning routes.

Step 3. Put on PPE – gloves and safety goggles.

Step 4. First pass: Cleaner will spray and wipe surfaces with a detergent cleaner to removes germs and dirt from surfaces and touch points. Vacuum floors.

Step 5. Second pass: Cleaner will spray  with disinfectant and wipe surfaces and touch points. The solution will remain wet for 5-10 minutes and will be allowed to dry. This will kill germs on a surface after cleaning, it can further lower the risk of spreading infection.  

Step 6. Continue to use the two-pass system until all areas are completed.  

Step 7. Once completed go to janitorial room to clean equipment, place cleaning cloths in bag for laundering and remove PPE.

Step 8. Clock out and secure area.  


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American Chemistry Council